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macintosh Included in our Windows NT network we have a SuperMac (UMAX) PowerPC Workstation running all the required DTP programs such as Pagemaker, Illustator, Photoshop, Quark, Corel, ect. This allows us to output your Macintosh files from the platform on which they were created.
Kodak 620 Digital Camera The Kodak 260 digital camera fastest way to give your business a polished, professional look-and increase your productivity and profits. Unbelievable image quality. Megapixel PLUS technology-1.6 million (1536 x 1024) pixels per image-ensures incredible image quality and provides enough detail for photo-realistic 8" x 10" images. Auto-focus, zoom. The DC260 can auto-focus to within 12" (0.3 m) from your subject. 6X zoom delivers excellent detail with 3X optical and 2X digital zoom. Fast USB Interface. Windows 95/98 compatible Universal Serial Bus interface gives you a download option that is more than 10x the speed of a serial connection. Connect to an external flash. Flash synch lets you continue to enjoy the capabilities of a traditional, professional camera. Create "digital photo albums". Create albums by subject or location, for example. Organize your pictures in camera for fast and easy retrieval when you download. Annotate your pictures. Use audio captions to annotate your images or capture ambient sound while you shoot - into the same file, so you won't have to keep track of any extra files. Automate camera functions. Scripting allows you to customize your camera set-up and minimize operations, so you get a digital camera with the simplicity of a point-and-shoot. Stay in control. The DC260 lets you do everything you do with a traditional camera-use external lighting with accurate external flash synchronization, override auto exposure and aperture settings, adjust for existing indoor and outdoor lighting with white balance controls-and more!

cd burner Sony Supressa Recordable CD drive for archivable storage of those large graphic files in either PC or Macintosh formats.

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Adobe Authorized Service Provider   

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Quark Authorized Service Bureau

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We Are Corel Approved!

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