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The recording mechanism in our Panther Panther Imagesetterimagesetter provides highly precise capstan technology that outperforms any other imagesetter. Offering a repeatability specification of +/-0.001" typical over 8 color separations. This kind of precision allows you to produce full color art of unsurpassed accuracy. Resolutions of up to 2400 dpi and an maximum imaging width of 13.3 inches combined with Postscript Level III. Over 8 contiguous 18" long seperations and a WindowsNT Adobe CPSI Postscript Level 3 software RIP have earned this imagesetter top marks at the Seybold Colour Shootout.
varityper 4300

Our Varityper 4300 is a high-resolution imagesetter incorporating Adobe's Atlas PostScript interpreter. It combines the flexibility and industry wide acceptance of the PostScript page description language with laser diode imaging and is used primarly for PMT paper out put at resolutions of up to 2400 dpi by 12 inches wide.

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